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Welcome to the test of general knowledge of Operational Excellence methods.
You have 10 minutes to answer 20 random questions.
Be careful, you can only perform this test once.


Civility (Mr. or Ms.)
1. In which industry, was Toyota a precursor in 1975?
2. What did Student work on when he created his distribution law?
3. What did Deming say to the Japanese Keidanren in 1947 to promote the PDCA?
4. In what context, Toyota has become aware of the need to improve ?
5. For Francis Galton, why did he give the name "regression curve"?
6. When does the WWWWWHHWdate?
7. What does the myth of Sisyphus represent in Lean?
8. By what example / expression, Taiichi OHNO explained the principle of man-machine separation?
9. What did Elisabeth Kubler-Ross study to develop her model of change?
10. Who was the first to say that the Benchmark is a key element to become Dantotzu?
11. Existing for centuries, the term paradigm has taken on the meaning of "Standardized intellectual and social framework" since when?
12. Where does the term "serendipity" come from?
13. In the vision of Taiichi OHNO, what does the term Kaizen really mean?
14. What "legend" does one use to define agility?
15. The term Quality was created by Cicero (1 century BC). At what term was it then opposed ?
16. Who is the father of 5S?
17. What year did Toyota set up the first suggestion system?
18. What is the philosophy behind Taguchi?
19. Who said "There must be a place for everything, and everything in its place"?
20. What is special about a statistician who is nicknamed a "Texas-sharpshooter"?

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