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From the conception of a Workstation , the concepts of maintenance and cleaning must be taken into account to improve the maintenance activities in production.


Maintenance is sometimes the poor parent of the process design and the technicians have to “bend in four” to have access to certain location of the equipment. To facilitate their work and improve maintenance activities once in production, it is necessary to integrate these constraints from the conception of the process.

1-  Cleaning

From the design phases, the locations for the cleaning elements are expected and an easy-to-clean Position is designed. For this, we avoid the inaccessible nooks, the sources of dirt…

The precepts of the 5s  must be respected:

  • Leave only the bare necessities to the Workstation.
  • All elements must have a clearly identified location.
  • Do not leave an empty location.
  • Provide cleaning standards and bins for baskets.
  • Place for mobile lockers.
  • Place for standards and  mail.


We are here in the implementation of the Pillar 5 of the TPM. Included in the project, the maintenance staff has the task of: 

  • To give good practices learned as a result of the resolution of current problems.
  • Bring the know-how for the changes of series and adjustments.
  • Give the types of material or spare material (box, shelf, hardware…) to standardize it with the current elements.
  • Identify the best products and technologies that can reduce the sources of dirt and problems.

The maintenance service must also make these constraints to the accessibility of the Position and the doors to facilitate maintenance activities. The following diagrams (US Navy standard Navships 94234) gives us an indication of the minimum spaces required :

We will simply note that :

  • The indicated value corresponds to a minimum situation where we have light clothing.
  • If we have cold clothes or thick safety clothing, you will need to add 10 to 20 cm to the value indicated.
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