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The work environment in which one is located has of course its importance in the design of a Workstation.


The work environment in which one is located, of course, is of importance in the design of a Workstation. Many recommendations are given in particular in terms of noise and chemical hazards.

Physico-Chemical risks

The goal is to reduce the nuisance at the Position to make them compatible with the health of the operators. It is to be held that the physico-chemical risk is to be taken into account both on the nuisances generated by the Position itself and by the other Workstation. In particular for chemical hazards, even the very ” distant “, risk are to be taken into account.

The steps are as follows:

  1. List the risk elements generated by the Workstation and the others. One must take into account all the products, both those to carry out the function itself as the cleaning products of the Workstation.
  2. Characterize the nuisances of these elements : nature, magnitude.
  3. Confront the characteristics of nuisances with respect to the maximum permissible values set by the regulations and standards.
  4. Identify solutions to reduce nuisance: for example, water paints may be used rather than solvent paints. We can choose electric trolleys to limit pollution…
  5. To put in place protective means: one considers both the direct protections of the person, and the protections of the Position in general: Rolling board, Protection hood…
  6. Ensure that the means implemented do not hinder the proper functioning of the Position and the maintenance operations.

The brightness

With regard to the visual ambience, the illumination must be adapted to the characteristics of the tasks to be carried out. The illumination level must be at least 300 lux for ” classical ” work (up to more than 1000 for precision work), whereas for storage spaces, a illumination of 150 lux is recommended. For 100 lux crossing lanes are sufficient.

The notion of direct and indirect glare is also to be taken into account in order to avoid uncomfortable postures or reading difficulties on the control screens. Check as well that at any time there is no glare possible both by the natural light and the lights of the work Position or the other Positions.

Thermal conditions

Dress is to be adapted according to the temperature of the room and the activity to be carried out. It is important not to place the stationary in draughts. In this case, the operator will feel cold and compensate by mobilizing more importantly his muscles, which increases the risk of the appearance of MSD.

The noises

It is considered that for a good understanding and an ” easy ” discussion at a distance of one metre, the ambient noise should not exceed 70db.

It will be possible to put in place glazed boxes to isolate themselves from the noise while allowing to keep ” contact ” with the other posts.

The security

In any case, manual or automatic process, we will have to comply with the safety standards and regulations. We are going to plan protective guards, to put the emergency stop buttons available, to make visual the critical points…


INRS (2012) – Design and development of workstations

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