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1 – What is the ToC ?

Le concept de la TOC a été introduit sous l’analogie de la chaine : “Une chaîne est une suite d’éléments interdépendant forts et faibles. L’amélioration de la performance de la chaîne ne peut ce faire qu’en améliorant l’élément faible”.

3 – DBR Planning

TOC uses a mechanism to diagram the interdependence of elements within a chain, allowing the building of a resource planning system.

4 – Critical chain management

The critical chain is a tool developed by Goldratt to improve project management processes. Based on field observations and on the principles of the stress theories he developed, he devised an effective method that challenges the principles of classic planning.

5 – ToC Accounting

More than a system of improvement, ToC proposes a new way of accounting for purchases and expenses. Based always on the philosophy of constraint, this method of counting calls into question the known principles.

6 – The Thinking Process

The Thinking Process is the problem solving method of TOC. It is a suite of tools for finding the root cause and driving the improvement.

Little’s Law

Little’s law, queuing theory, links the waiting time, the in-progress and the flow of the system.

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