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1 – Introduction to TPM

The Total Productive maintenance is a process that aims to improve maintenance processes and activities.

2 – The OEE

The OEE is the most well-known indicator. It will help prioritize actions and focus on the most important losses.

4 – The PM Prize

The PM Prize, awarded by the JIPM, is the Nobel Prize in the application of the principles and tools of the TPM.

5 – Reliability

Reliability is a concept that uses performance, costs but also the environment.

Pillar 6: Mastery of Quality – Hinshitsu Hozen

This pillar is oriented towards maintaining the quality level of the products. We seek to eliminate the causes of non-quality, so that every minute of the process time is a useful minute, producing a “good” product.

The maintenance indicators

There is a whole array of maintenance indicators that will be used according to the maturity of our company. More generally, we will use only 3 or 4.

Standard definition of Maintenance

Etymologically, the term maintenance comes from the word “maintain” and the suffix “ance”. By simple definition of the dictionary, it is the actions that aim to maintain something in good condition.


Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM2) is a maintenance process optimization methodology that identifies the best maintenance strategy.

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