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What is agility ?

Agility is a set of project management tools that allow businesses to be more flexible and bring more value to customers


The SCRUM method, the best known and most used Agile method, offers a pragmatic and effective management of projects.


Kanban, key tool of Just A Time, has been adapted for use as a project management tool.


Developed in the 1970s, the Waterfall method is the first method of software development.

The technical debt

Technical debt is an analogy to bank loans to represent the fact that the more we generate non-quality during a project, the higher the costs of recovery will be important

Planning Poker Card

Le Planning Poker Card est une méthode ludique et consensuelle pour planifier les projets. Très utilisé lors des SCRUM, cet outil peut être utilisé pour tout type de projets.

Wall Planning Poker

Used when we have a lot of User Story to estimate, the Wall Planning Poker and a variation of the Planning Poker card.

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