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SCAMPER is a mnemonic to ask all the questions to stimulate creativity and generate ideas..


This acronym is attributed to Alex Osborn and Bob Eberle in 1971. In 1953, Osborn 1 developed a series of questions to stimulate creativity in solving problems. Then it will be Eberle, who in 1971 2 , organized these questions into a simple mnemonic called SCAMPER.


The method will consist first of all in defining the subject of the study on which we must “reflect”. It is formulated as a question :

  • Qwhat new features can we provide ?
  • How could this service be improved ?


Once the subject is determined, we will apply the following checklist :


Replace one element with another.

What can be replaced ? By what ?


Merge several ideas, solutions…

Can we merge this product with this one to make it one ?


Position the subject of the study in an environment different from that initially planned to see how it could be adapted.

Does our product withstand -30 °  How could we do ?


Modify the characteristics of the subject to extend its characteristics

Can we add time, strength… ?

Put to other uses

Search for other applications or market to our product or service.

What can be replaced By what ?


Trying to separate what is useful and necessary from what is useless

Peut on supprimer cette pièce ?


Let’s look at our subject differently by reversing or reorganizing it.

Can we reverse this part?

How can we characterize the most uncomfortable chair ?


1 – A. F. Osborn (1953) – Applied Imagination

2 – R. F. Eberle (1971) – Scamper games for imagination development.

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