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The DFE is the part of DFX dealing with environmental issues of design.


As we know, it is now increasingly important to be able to design products with a reduced impact on the environment. The DFE must allow us to have products taking into account these constraints.

In the order of complexity (from the simplest to the most complex), it should be remembered that the DFE can act on :

  1. Manufacturing practices : maintenance, training …
  2. Changes in production technologies : new technology, improve automation, change of locations …
  3. Change in materials : fewer varieties, deletion of toxic materials …
  4. Change in product design.


The principles of design for the environment take into account :

Stage of life of our product



Non-toxic processes and materials, minimum energy use, minimum emissions, minimum wastage, touch-ups, less material.

Limit transport costs by relocating.


Minimum packaging, use of recyclable or biodegradable materials.

Rethinking packaging to limit space and weight, and the impact on transportation.

Usage and end of life

Possibility of reuse of components.

Selection of materials allowing reuse and with minimum toxicity.

Minimum materials and colors for easy change and reuse.

Use of recyclable materials.

Easy dismantling.

Design allowing easy replacement.

Contains little contaminant : solvent, additive…

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