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Introduction to Design For X

The DFX, “Design For X”, brings together a set of tools, methods and rules to help design products that better meet the needs of customers while meeting the expectations of production, respect for the environment …

The Design For Cost

The Genka kikaku, also called DFC (Design for Cost), LCC (Life Cycle Cost), CCO (Target Cost Design), TCMS (Total Cost Management System) or Target Costing, aims to design products with the highest costs. just.

The Design For Assembly

The DFA ( Design for Assembly), brings together product design rules to improve the assembly of the product once in production.

The Design For Serviciability

The term “serviciability” can be defined as follows: ability to be diagnosed, replaceable, removable, adjustable, repairable, feed … in the easiest way possible.

The Design For Manufacturing

Design for Manufacturing is a suite of 8 principles that allows us to implement good manufacturing practices.

The Design For Test

The For Test design aims to improve the design of the product to increase its ability to be easily tested.

The Lucas method

Having a different approach to the Boothroyd and Dewhurst method, it has the advantage of taking into account the manufacturing complexity of our part in addition to its assembly complexity.

The Boothroyd-Dewhurst Method

Offered by Boothroyd and Dewhurst in the 1980s, this predetermination method is specific to the Design For Assembly method.

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