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1 – Introduction to change management

In essence, Lean Six Sigma is a process of change. Beyond tools and techniques to solve problems, it is necessary to master the human aspects to ensure the quality and sustainability of actions.

2 – Paradigms

Source de conflits et d’incompréhensions, les paradigmes doivent être surmontés pour pouvoir conduire le changement.

3 – Convincing without hierarchical link

Without doubt the most important specificity in the job of a change leader, being able to convince without a hierarchical link is a prerequisite for setting up tools.

4 – Provoke motivation

Susciter la motivation est une priorité de toute personne souhaitant mettre en place une démarche de progrès. Pas simple…

5 – Provoke involvement

Involvement is a finer concept than the notion of motivation. It reflects the fact that the staff is an actor and acts

ADKAR Method

This approach helps managers and individuals to pilot / appropriate change by identifying actions for each of ADKAR’s 5 letters.

The argument

To know how to justify and convince the legitimacy of the change approach is based on a solid argument.

The Appreciative inquiry

Unknown tool and its concept is very widespread. It is essentially about “seeing things on the right side”. Rather than solving problems, let’s find out what’s going well.

The winner-winner strategy

Known managers, the win-win strategy is an effective and simple tool to implement. Introduction A win-win agreement is an agreement in which each partner finds his account. It is a variant of giving and giving where everyone cares about the interest of the other in...

The Whole Brain Model

Introduced in the 1980s by Ned Herrmann, the Whole Brain Model allows us to get to know each other better, and to better know our interlocutors, in order to adapt our communication.


“A long journey begins with a small step” – Lao Tzu

Allies strategy

« I should not have lost so much time trying to convince the recalcitrant. » – Jack Welch

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