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Obtaining critical mass allows us to anchor a new culture. Getting there requires an effective communication plan, whether during Lean projects or in general.


Obtaining critical mass helps anchor a new culture. Getting there requires having an effective communication plan. Whether during Lean projects or in general, there are now many tools to communicate and make known the method.

General communication

The challenge is to let people know that there is an approach to excellence in the company and to make them understand its objectives and progress. The tools available for the Lean Expert / Master Black Belt are very numerous and limit only your imagination. We can for example :

  • Use the communication screens to send messages.
  • Organize regularly meetings with all services to explain the process, its progress …
  • Include in the training of new entrants a compulsory component of training. 
  • Organize workshops with employees such as at the entrance of the company restaurant. We can organize games to introduce the tools.
  • Make internal mailings to talk about the latest success and the associated gains by highlighting the participants.
  • Make an article in the internal journal with the project of the month. 
  • Build a fun e-Learning on the subject.

Beyond, a communication on the approach will have to be animated during all the standard meetings of the company :

  • Team change meetings. 
  • Executive Committee meetings. 
  • During communications made by management to all employees by email, video conference, amphitheater…

Communication during projects

During the Lean projects, it is essential to take the time to train the team in the mindset and tools. It will also be essential to communicate on the results of the project to value the teams and show the rest of the company the interest of the approach. This will go through the display of A3 projects or problem solving :

  • Sur the general communication table 
  • On the line table
  • On the department board

Setting up

The implementation of all these elements will go through the HR department. It is necessary that the Lean Expert / Master Black Belt can prepare a clear communication plan to finalize it with the HR in charge of validating and communicating it.

To build it, we will list all the standard communication vectors of the company and will be aware of good internal practices. Depending on the history or the direction taken, not all communications are valued in the same way. We will have to pay a lot of attention to this, because a communication “Missed” will lead to the failure of the approach.

*Thus, in some companies, the term Lean is prohibited. Because a few years ago, Lean projects led to layoffs … This is not called Lean but Cost Killing, in the spirit of the teams, we have associated this term.

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