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In our quest for excellence, we know several methods. All are interesting, but not all have the same path or the same goal of Excellence.

 Lean / KaizenWorld Class ManufacturingSix SigmaTheory of ConstraintsAgility
GoalEradicate wasteReduction of financial lossesReduce variability around customer demandPilot the bottleneck to improve overall performanceIncrease responsiveness to satisfy the real need of the customer
Main toolsPDCAMatrix F of the cost deployment pillarDMAIC5 StepsSCRUM
Key IndicatorEfficience / Kosu / TRS / Takt TimeValue-added ratioStandard deviationConstraint ratioVélocity
ApplicationPut in place a culture of progressMaster our equipmentSolve problemsImprove material and information flowsManage projects
Activity areaIndustry and serviceIndustryIndustry and serviceIndustry and serviceIndustry and service
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