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This tool will allow us to compare pros and cons to help us make the decision.


The tool was developed by Kurt Lewin, an American psychologist, in the 1940s. He used it for his work on psychology. This tool helps us in decision making through the evaluation of pros and cons. For this reason, being less elaborate than other decision support tools (SWOT, AHP…), it will be used for simpler topics.

The method

1 – Choose the subject

At first, we will choose the subject of reflection. This one can be an idea of a new product, a new project of change of organization … The type of subject is free, the tool being applicable to all. It should be clearly expressed, leaving no doubt about its interpretation :

  • Implement a Kanban project on line 3 
  • Develop an electric road bike rear derailleur

2 – List pros and cons

Owe will list all the strengths (the pros) and the weaknesses (the cons) of our project. We will rely on a 5W2H :

  • What benefits does it bring you ? 
  • Who is for and who is against ?
  • How simple is the project ?
  • What are the costs ?
  • What other processes, products … are affected by this project ? 
  • What are the risks ?

3 – Conduct the evaluation

Then, we will evaluate on a scale of 1 to 5, the influence of for or against. We then add the pros and cons, giving us an indication of the decision to be made.


IIn our society, we have problems with aging equipment and we want to change the line 3. By developing the Field of Force, our decision becomes clearer, the tool telling us that we have more against than for.

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