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1 – Lean deployment

Most of the Lean is based on being able to deploy it within the entire company to become what the Japanese call Dantotsu. For this, some key points should not be neglected and steps are to be followed.

2 – Lean organization

Setting up dedicated resources and means are key success factors in deploying a Lean approach. This will result in the creation of a new service and a steering committee of the approach.

4 – Shingo Prize

The Shingo Prize is a recognized Excellence award in the field of operational excellence. With 4 categories of criteria, the Shingo Prize focuses on the transformation of the corporate culture into the search for perfection.

Lean Practitioner

The Lean Practitioner is the first actor in the animation of the process. He is in charge of animating the Lean sites and training the Gemba staff.

Lean Leader

The lean Leader is an evolution of the function of lean practitioner. Mastering more lean tools, he drives the complex lean projects and helps the lean practitioner.

The Lean Expert

The lean Expert is responsible for the lean approach of the company. A real man to do everything, his role evolves constantly according to the progress of the process.

The pilot

The pilot is a person who is directly impacted by the success and results of the project.

The Sponsor

The Sponsor is the guarantor of the plan of deployment of the approach with the Lean Expert and in partnership with the Steering Committee.

Autonomous Production Organization

It is known the autonomy of the staff is a key axis of the success of a process of excellence. The APU ‘s are one of the keys to success for this point.

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