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The Champion is the guarantor with the deployment Manager of the plan of deployment of the approach.


The Champion is the guarantor with the Deployment Manager Of the approach’s deployment plan. It takes care of the communication of the plan as well as the communication with the staff of the results and future projects.

Preferably, it is a person of the Management Committee (Quality director…). In view of this position, it has the power to decide on projects to do or not to do, and it has an important role in the overall smooth running of the process.

6 Sigma Skills needed

The Champion has skills on the Sigma 6 identical to the sponsor. It does not need to be an expert, but simply to have a good view of the stakes and possibilities of the 6 Sigma. It will be held that as the Sponsor, it must be convinced of the approach and support it.

Its role in the project

Before the beginning

It will translate the company’s strategic indicators into a potential project and a project indicator. consulted for the elaboration and validation of the project Charter, it is responsible for defining the human resources and the means necessary for the smooth running of this one. In particular, having a global view of the company, it will be responsible for checking the level of risk of the projects.

He participates in the choice of the project, the selection of the teams and especially the moderator of the project.

During the project

It does not have a direct participant role in the project, apart from the occasional participation in the projects reviews. He is informed of the smooth running of the latter and in case of a problem can intervene at the highest level to lift the barriers or make available resources (human, financial…).

After the project

At the end of the project, he will ensure that the project and the results are documented and above all to enhance the team. For the rest, it ensures that the changes are in place and maintained over time. This will ensure that auditing routines are planned.

Its role in the process

In comparison with the Sponsor, his role is more in the animation of the approach than in that of the projects on-line, even if he participates more than the Deployment Manager. Always in agreement with the Steering Committee, it will have an important role in the development of the deployment plan and in the choice of projects. He is the privileged interlocutor to carry out the communication with the management on the smooth running of the process.


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