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The 6 Sigma Organization

The 6 Sigma is not just a series of statistical tools to solve problems. The 6 Sigma was conceived as a full-fledged approach to implementing a culture change in the company and improving overall performance.

The Six Sigma Yellow Belt

First level of certification in the 6 Sigma hierarchy, the Yellow belt is in charge of piloting problem solving projects using simple statistics tools in support with Green and Black belt.

The Six Sigma Green Belt

Second level of certification in the 6 Sigma hierarchy, the Green Belt is in charge of piloting problem-solving projects using most of the statistics tools.

The Six Sigma Black Belt

The Black Belt certification is the 3rd level of 6 Sigma certificates. Mastering the statistical tools of the 6 Sigma, he must also know many concepts related to organization and management.

The Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Highest rank in the 6 sigma hierarchy, the Master Black Belt is the guarantor of the wise use of the methods and the coach of all teams for the implementation of the 6 sigma.

The Champion

The Champion is the guarantor with the deployment Manager of the plan of deployment of the approach.

The Sponsor

The sponsor is a person who is directly impacted by the success and results of the project.

The Deployment Manager

The deployment Manager, also known as Executive Leadership, is the guarantor of the process.

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