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SWOT analysis identifies the different strategic options of a company, a project…


The SWOT analysis (“ Strenghts Weaknesses Opportunities Threats “) is, according to the European Commission, “a strategic analysis tool. It combines the study of the strengths and weaknesses of an organization, a territory, a sector, etc. with those of the opportunities and threats of its environment, to help define a development strategy. »

It makes it possible to prioritize the projects by studying its relevance with respect to our context.

The method

The analysis is done in 2 steps :

  1. First, we will perform an external analysis of the factors, identifying the opportunities and threats to which we are subjected. These will be come from our analysis PESTEL made beforehand. It states that for the same market sector, all of these factors are the same for all competitors.
  2. Then we will perform an internal analysis, identifying our strengths and weaknesses.

Pour une analyse pertinente, it is necessary to have specific questions about our topic rather than general questions about the company.

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