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Theories of learning

Training is a key to the success of a change initiative. It is obvious. You have to pay a lot of attention.

The Shuhari

The ShuHaRi is a concept derived from Japanese martial arts and describes the 3 main stages of learning. Apply as part of the deployment of Lean 6 Sigma, the use of this principle can accelerate and better sustain change.


Cultural principle in Japan, the Hansei are time for reflection on the activities that have just been conducted, this to avoid making the same mistakes.

Dynamic Learning

The main quality of a company is “judged” on its ability to learn. It is on this capacity that we will rely to implement the Lean Six Sigma approach.


Japanese term meaning “horizontal deployment”, Yokoten is a principle of standardizing the sharing of good practices and learning.

The autonomy cycle

Autonomy in a Lean business is a key factor. Each person must be able to participate in the daily improvement of processes.

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