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The WCM repository is held by an “ association ” that only functions on cooptation. This repository is the one stemming from the work of Professor Yamashina that he was able to lead at Fiat.


There is no established reference system, piloted by an institute as the JIPM can do with the PM Prize or the Shingo Institute with the Shingo Prize. There is, however, an “ association ” which operates by cooptation and intervenes only with these members (You can inquire from Fiat).

The evaluation system

The evaluation will be on a scale of 1 to 5. Each note meets a specific criterion that we detail in the downloadable file opposite.

We will evaluate each technical pillar and each management criterion via this scale. Adding the scores will result in a  medal ».

level : Bronze medal – 50 to 59pts

At this stage we have been able to demonstrate significant gains and we have created know-how on reducing costs and problems, for example :

  • Quality problem divided by 3 
  • Reduced cost of 10 to 20%
  • Lead Time divided by 2

2nd level : Silver Medal – 60 to 69 pts

Significant gains have been achieved in the Quality, Cost and Time lines, and the lessons learned are extended to the entire company. A waste reduction approach is permanent :

  • Quality problem divided by 7 
  • Reduced cost of 20 to 40%
  • Lead Time divided by 3

3thlevel : Gold medal – 70 to 84 pts

The highest level of the WCM system, this indicates that we are leaders in terms of Quality, Costs and Deadlines in our sector of activity. The whole company is wired on the permanent improvement of the performances and the know-how is capitalized.

  • Quality problem divided by 10
  • Reduced cost of 40 to 60% 
  • Lead Time divided by 4

Last level : World Class – 85 to 100 pts

At this point, we have reached a higher level in our industry and we have become ” benchmarckable “. We have successfully rolled out the entire process across the company and the gains are widely visible.

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