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What is World Class Manufacturing?

WCM is a production system created by Professor Yamashina. Developed as a result of successful business studies, WCM is based on 10 pillars of development

WCM levels

The WCM repository is held by an “association” that operates only on cooptation. This reference is the result of the work of Professor Yamashina that he could lead at Fiat.

Pillar 1 : Safety and Health

Very similar to pillar 8 of the TPM, the object of this pillar is to be able to eliminate the causes of accidents.

Pillar 2: Cost Deployment

The cost deployment pillar is the ability to transform quantified physical losses (hours, kW, number of units …) into financial costs.

Pillar 3: Focused Improvements

This pillar will consist in putting in place a continuous process of small improvement projects targeted at “human” perimeters where we will deploy various tools.

Pillar 4 : Autonomous Activities

This pillar integrates the activities of autonomous maintenance and organization of the workspace. The challenge will be to involve the staff in the process.

Pillar 5 : Professional Maintenance

Professional Maintenance aims to set up a high-performance maintenance system that increases the availability of equipment while reducing costs to keep it up to date.

Pillar 7: Logistics

The Logistics pillar is identical to the Just In Time pillar of Lean. It should be noted that in the WCM method, projects will be prioritized in accordance with Matrix E of the Cost Deployment Pillar.

Pillar 8 : Early Equipment management

The challenge of this pillar is to be able to design means for which we have anticipated the problems and obtain a high level of performance at the installation.

Pillar 9: Team Development

The challenge of this pillar is to be able to reduce the costs related to losses due to a lack of skills and knowledge of equipment, methods, standard of work …

Pillar 10: Environment and Energy

Often the forgotten system, this pillar, beyond a social aspect, political and of course important legislative, is also a source of significant economic gain


The TWTTP tool is a tool to quickly target a problem due to human error.

The Process Point Analysis

The PPA tool is an advanced method for solving complex problems whose causes are of a technical nature.

QX Matrix

The QX matrix is ​​used to perform a correlation between the fault and the cause generated by the equipment, the quality impact and the operator parameter.

QM Matrix

The QM matrix is an essential tool to ensure the maintenance of the quality level. It summarizes all the elements to maintain to ensure quality over time.


The HERCA methodology is a simple tool to identify the root cause of human error and set up a countermeasure.


The EWO, Emergency Work Order, is a method to document and solve problems faster.

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