The Shadoks factory


Highlight the importance of flexibility

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You are a manufacturer of paper Shadoks. In the starting situation, there are several positions with different tasks, unbalanced, and with a logistics agent. As the round lasts for about 2hrs, with Just In Time principles in place, teams will reduce inventory levels while increasing overall performance..

Duration : 2 hours             Number of players : by team of 5


  • Difference in batch production and part-to-part production.
  • Understand the principle of balancing and the associated gains.
  • Understand the impact of batch production on the number of defects.
  • Understand the principle of Takt Time.
  • Combining Takt Time and Flexibility.


Package Content to Download

  • A guide for the facilitator
  • Presentation PowerPoint
  • A video of help with the folding of Shadoks
  • The spreadsheet to print


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