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The best game to explain the Just In Time

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The game aims at understanding the just-in-time system. We are a toy factory for children. Currently, our processes can not be profitable enough. We have heard about Just In Time and we think this method can help us.

Starting from a chaotic situation, we will follow the implementation process of Just In Time: standardization – SMED – Balancing – Kanban – Heijunka – Incoming flow

Duration : 3hr40            Number of players : from 4


  • Understand Just In Time.
  • Know what are the main tools.
  • Have a good knowledge of the logic of implementation.


Package Content to Download

  • Le PowerPoint « Lego Game ».
  • A guide for the facilitator
  • A document “installation instructions” per player of workstation 4.
  • The Excel Recording paper

Note that you will have to buy several hundred euros of Lego to use this game.


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