Who will be able to reduce cost ?


Demonstrate leveling efficiency </ p>

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We are a superman character factory in Lego. Our workshop consists of 3 production cells: one that goes up the upper body, one that goes up the lower body and one that assembles the two parts.

The game takes place in 2 runs :

  • A first, we have the day-to-day planning. We react immediately to ensure deliveries.
  • A second, we have global planning, and our production has been smoothed, allowing us to eliminate variability in the processes.

Duration : 1 hour             Number of players : as we want


  • Understand the principle of leveling
  • Understand the consequences of unmatched planning and one-off production.


Package Content to Download

  • A guide for the facilitator
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Excel simulation file of leveling


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