1-Introduction to leveling

Levelling is one of the foundations of the Lean house. In order to smooth the customer demand, it reduces the variability and the effect of the whip to better control the production.

2 – The Sequencer

Located as close to the operator, the sequencer, also called launcher, represents the actual work that the operator will perform. Put one behind the other, the Kanban are in the order of the production priorities.

3 – Batch Building Box

Leveling tool, the batch -building box has the challenge of compensating for the vagaries of production and taking into account the time of change of series.

4 – The Mizusumashi

The Mizusumashi gives the pace of the production. Designed with the data of Takt time and leveling, it is he who delivers the lines in time, allowing to limit the stock on line while ensuring that there is no line stop due to a lack of parts.

5 – The Leveling box

Leveling tool, the Heijunka Box is positioned between the customer order table and the production lines. She’s doing the leveling.

7 – The Milkrun

Leveling tool, the Milkrun organizes transport between suppliers and the company in an objective to increase the flexibility and costs of stocks and transport.

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