1 – Introduction to Jidoka

The Jidoka is one of the two pillars of the Lean house. As a cultural tool par excellence, it aims to stop actions as soon as there is a problem to solve it in the immediate future.

2 – The Andon system

The Andon is a means of visual control allowing everyone to know immediately the operating state of the production (anomaly, advance/delay…).

3 – The Ji Kotei Kanketsu

Jidoka’s tool, JKK is a process of thought to highlight the implication and accountability of all in quality and improvement.

4 – Poka Yoké

A Poka Yoké (ポカヨケ), Poka for “error of inattention” and Yokeru to “avoid” (translated by: anti-error or even misleading) is a simple and reliable device allowing to make a defect impossible.

5 – Man-Machine separation

The principle of men-machine separation dates back to the time of Ohno. At that time, there was an operator for a machine, each of the machines not being set on the same Takt time.

6 – Self quality

Self-quality is an important tool for giving versatility and involving staff in the company’s Lean 6 Sigma approach.

7 – The QA matrix

The Quality Assurance matrix makes it possible to link the defect to the cause of the problem in order to be able to act more quickly when it appears.

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