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The Improve phase aims to identify solutions to solve the cause of our problem.


Once the root cause (or causes) identified in the phase Analysis, we have to implement actions to solve it. To do this, we find a whole range of tools to identify and test the solution.

1. Creativity Methods

To help identify solutions, we structure the Creative approach Through many tools. Like what:

2. Evaluation of the solutions

A major difficulty in improving is to select the best solution. Generally, the methods of creativity have been able to open many ways but the group must choose the one that will actually be implemented. For this, we use:

3. Integration into the global process

Once the solution has been identified and validated, it must be implemented in the process. This is done using the tools of the process Design or even the VSM To validate that the solution fits well into the current product stream. The challenge is to go into the detail of the design both on the technical and organizational aspects and to build the most optimal implementation plan.

The right questions to ask at the end of this phase

  • Is the solution technically and economically viable?
  • Does the solution fit well into our process and culture?
  • is the solution in line with the objective identified in the project Charter?


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