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Known managers, the win-win strategy is an effective and simple tool to implement.


A win-win agreement is an agreement in which each partner finds his account. It is a variant of giving and giving where everyone cares about the interest of the other in order to maximize their own interest. The concept of win-win partnership is widely used in conflict resolution.

The establishment of the win-win

1. Identify the needs of the company

A change in a business is driven by a specific need. This need must be clear and transparent for the actors of change.

2. Identify the needs of the individuals affected by the change

Every individual has needs that he expresses differently according to the people. This may be a need for verbal recognition, a need for training and skills upgrading or a financial valuation. Because the human mind is complex and people are different from each other, it is essential to listen and be attentive.

3. Make the expectations of the two parties coincide

Once the needs of both parties are identified, they need to be matched so that the partnership does not turn into a win-lose. For example, a working group can invest heavily in a project with the idea of doing well without being in line with the company’s strategy. The working group will not or will have a lot of difficulty to be valued.

Success factors

  • Consult each other before committing to the process.
  • Be precise and transparent about expectations by setting up reliable indicators.
  • Understanding the issues.
  • The company must ensure that staff feel involved in the project.
  • Both parties must remain credible.
  • Achieving a consensus.

The most complex aspect of a win-win partnership is to persuade everyone that to maximize one’s personal gain, one must maximize the gain of one’s partner.

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