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The MAC tool is a tool for evaluating the risk of injuries associated with multiple lifting, transport or Handling operations.


The MAC tool, Manual handling Assessment charts, has been developed to identify the risks associated with object Handling activities:

  • Lifting
  • Transportation
  • Multi- Handling

Step 1 – Complete the task description sheet

We fill out the overall description sheet of the task. It allows to set a framework and to have a global view of what is happening on the Position.

Step 2 – Perform a task evaluation

Depending on the movement (lifting, transport…), the evaluation is done according to a dozen criteria such as weight, torso position….

Each criterion is evaluated according to 4 levels:

  • Green: little risk. However, it is possible that people with lesser abilities, others (pregnant women…) are struggling.
  • Orange: Moderate risk. You just have to look at the task.
  • Red: Rapid action is necessary because a significant proportion of people are at risk.
  • Violet: There’s a serious risk. It is necessary to evaluate the task in detail and to put in place actions to reduce the risk of exposure to injuries.

Once the set of criteria is evaluated, each criterion is taken up by point and the necessary actions are put in place.


The advantage of the method is that it is simple and gives an idea of the condition of the working conditions. Of course, because of its simplicity, the method obscures certain points:

  • The order of tasks is not considered.
  • The ability and competence of the person is not considered.
  • The impact of the rotation on the psychological aspects is not considered.

Note that the MAC tool is not suitable for all manual manipulations such as pushing or pulling.

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