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The last phase of the DMAIC is close to the PDCA Act. The whole issue is to perpetuate the results.


The last phase of the DMAIC is close to the PDCA . The whole issue is to perpetuate the results achieved by ensuring that the performance does not degrade.

1. Create New standards

It is necessary to set up the new standards. We must reference them, enter them “in the System“, provide for updates… As well as all your other standards. We delete the old standards of the workstations to put them in the “Archives“.

At this stage, we use the principles of standardization came from the Lean and the associated tools (5S, Visual management…).

2. Set up the necessary training

Sharing with all the teams affected by the changes is necessary. The training department must be aware of the changes and update the training plans.

Depending on the nature of the changes, the Human resources department can be impacted by updating the Positioncards.

3. Set up the monitoring plan

Like all other standards, it is irrelevant and will only be followed by the operational ones if they are up to date and functioning.

The new standards must be entered in the process confirmation system to ensure the quality and “operationality” of these.

4. Carry out statistical monitoring of the means

Finally, the final step is to set up the SPC tools to follow the processes and means. The main focus will be on the control charts, the follow-up of the capability and the OEE.

5. The right questions to ask at the end of this phase

  • Are the improvements clearly documented and accessible by the people in charge of implementing them?
  • What are the results after 3 months of implementation?


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