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Pillar 4 aims to establish training and improve the skills of the teams.


Increasing the skills and know-how of operations is a strategic issue in terms of expanding their role in the enterprise as part of the implementation of TPM1. This is so much a technical and methodological knowledge aspect as about the required quality attitude.

It is up to the management to build the Training plans necessary by identifying the needs, objectives, programmes, content and evaluations of trainings.

Establish the training system3

The challenge here is to identify all the Training to provide in-room and Gemba training, with regard to the three main themes that we are going to discuss.

Theme 1: Attitude and behaviour

Through the implementation of the TPM, we go from ” I use, you inspect, you maintain ” to ” I produce, I inspect, I maintain “. This implies a strong culture change that must be accompanied through training. For this, training on the mindset of Lean or even awareness of the Quality are adapted.

Theme 2: Technical knowledge

Improving the technical skills allows the operational to increase their autonomy in the repairs and to increase the effectiveness of their actions. On training on:

  • Lubrication.
  • Engines.
  • Hydraulic & Pneumatic.
  • Electrical equipment.


Beyond the theoretical bases that can be delivered by traditional channels, it is interesting to conduct land actions jointly between production and maintenance to understand and know how to act directly on the equipment. It can also be interesting to have the operators directly build the standards of maintenance.

Theme 3: Methodological knowledge

The purpose of this theme is to train staff Problem solving and actions to be carried out in the event of a problem. Thus, we will train tools such as the 5M, the PDCA, the first 7 tools of quality

Beyond that, it is an awareness of the basic tools of Lean that is taught: 5S, visual and standard management .


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