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Phase 10 of the TPM approach, this pillar includes the improvement of the design of new equipment and the design of new products.


The TPM goes back to the design of the machines and products. The capitalization of experience and know-how is used to speed up new machine projects while designing them better.

The first thing to do is not to reproduce the mistakes of the past.

Optimization of process Design

It is a question of implementing best practices to optimise the investment over the entire lifecycle of the process ranging from the definition of specifications to the destruction of equipment and through the purchase and development.

Thus, through a standard of book of recommendations, we will collect as and as time information on:

  • The improvements identified as a result of problem solving.
  • The simplicity of series changes and adjustments.
  • The consumption of the spare parts and their standardization with the other equipment.
  • The technologies to be used to improve productivity and quality.
  • The Ergonomics different positions and their accessibility.
  • The standardization of the Screwings and other parts to limit the number of tools.
  • The machine should be easy to inspect and clean.
  • The lubrication must be centralized.
  • piping, cabling… must be accessible.
  • Assembly and dismantling of parts should be simple: Plug and play.

Product Design Optimization

In the same way, a book of recommendations must be put in place and completed as time goes on the theme of the product design. This booklet allows to collect all the improvements identified to integrate them into the new developments.

For example, we find:

  • Improvements identified as a result of problem solving.
  • Improvements to simplify their fabricability, their assembly or even their cardboard.
  • Shape or dimension parts to standardize with other products.
  • Type of material to reduce discharges or facilitate destruction.

Example of a process recommendation book

Source: Renault 2006


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