Third level of certification in the 6 Sigma hierarchy, the Black Belt is in charge of piloting projects with high stakes using the most complex tools of statistics.

Purpose of certification

The Six Sigma Black Belt certified professional leads high-stakes process improvement projects in the sense of the ISO 13053. He masters the methodology and the advanced tools of the method to allow the piloting of projects generating several hundreds of thousands of euros of earnings.

The Six Sigma Black Belt Certified Professional demonstrates a mastery of knowledge and skills to be able to drive key projects using the Six Sigma method, regardless of industry. This certification is required in many job offers from SMEs and multinationals. It will be able to easily evolve towards the ultimate level of Master Black Belt allowing it to build and animate the deployment of the method on the whole of the company. In addition, as a project manager, he has a global vision of the company and strongly develops his professional network.

This level of certification is essential for the success of the approach in the company. It is open to all functions of companies (industrial or services), and more particularly the teams methods, production or quality, process managers, project managers and consultants.

Conditions of admission

At least 3 years of full-time professional experience in the form of a job or internship, with the completion of at least 2 Green Belt projects (Project charter and A3 of the project to be provided as attachments of the registration dossier for the certification).

Conditions of success

80% correct answers on 200 exam questions.

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