Welcome to the 6 Sigma Knowledge Test.

You have 10 minutes to answer 20 questions.

Be careful, you can only perform this test once.

Civility (Mr. or Ms.)
1. In which context to use the Wilcoxon test?
2. At the output of the cause / effect matrix?
3. I want to be able to predict the behavior of my system. What kind of tools will I use?

What tool will you use to structure a project ?

5. What is the purpose of the component search tool of the Shainin method?
6. What are the 2 families of statistics ?
7. Concretely, what does "6 Sigma" mean ?
8. To justify a change approach, among these propositions, which are the types of arguments adapted?
9. How much of a factor do I really study in a 24 – 1 fractional experiment?
10. A benchmark is difficult to achieve on the processes that are?
11. What is the end goal of the analysis phase ?
12. At its creation, the 8D was developed on the observation of what?
13. What comes out of the QFD quality house?
14. In the Kano classification, which attribute, if present, represents a real plus for the customer?
15. Which of these propositions characterize a paradigm ?
16. What does balance sheet assets represent?
17. What is the concept of net present value ?
18. Which of these proposals are part of the mentor's missions?
19. On the Precontrol Chart in the Shainin Method, I have a point in the red. What does this indicate?
20. Which proposition (s) is true concerning inferential statistics?

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