Welcome to the 6 Sigma Knowledge Test.

You have 10 minutes to answer 20 questions.

Be careful, you can only perform this test once.

Civility (Mr. or Ms.)
1. What is the purpose of DFC?
2. What is the purpose of B VS C in the Shainin method?
3. What is the purpose of the DFM?
4. What differs between ROI and DRA?
5. I want to validate only the measurement system, which method will I use?
6. A call center claims to solve customer problems in less than 10 minutes (customer request). A control chart shows that the process is stable. The average time to solve a problem is 6.7 minutes with a short-term standard deviation estimated at 1.2 minutes. The Cpk capability of the process is ?
7. From what resolution do you consider a fractional experience plan as profitable?
8. What are the possible errors when collecting data ?
9. What do you call the gate of a project ?
10. What does the calculation of the confidence interval depend on?
11. Put in order the tools of the process analysis to define the KPIV ?
B - Process Map
C - Matrix Cause - Effect
12. Which of these proposals are DFM advice?
13. In the ShuHaRi process, starting from the third Lean Six Sigma project, who is piloting it?
14. Ideally, what should you do with qualitative data ?
15. Regulatory expectations indicate a minimum for the filling volume of syrup bottles. Our company decides to study its volume and gets the following distribution. What is the best strategy to reduce its overfilling rate?
16. Which of these indicators increase when process performance increases ?
17. Which of these propositions are the qualities of a Leader?
18. Which of these proposals are necessary for a correct capability study ?
19. I have a data that straddles between 2 classes. By convention, in what class is she going to build my distribution chart?

The following tools are tools for generating and / or prioritizing ideas EXCEPT?

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