Welcome to the 6 Sigma Knowledge Test.

You have 10 minutes to answer 20 questions.

Be careful, you can only perform this test once.

Civility (Mr. or Ms.)
1. When a process rejects compliant products. What type of error does it make ?
2. Who is the father of the control cards?
3. Which of these indicators measure motivation?
4. What do you call a Critical To Quality?
5. For an EWMA card, if λ is close to 1, then?
6. In The Whole Brain Model, which tool will be most appropriate for communicating with someone with an Organizer profile?
7. What is the goal of statistical tolerancing?
8. What is the purpose of Kano's classification?

What are the 2 characteristics of a project ?

10. With a Cusum card, what kind of data will I be able to study?
11. Suppose that 0.12 gr of insects are found in 50kg of product. What is the PPM?
12. For a statistical study, what is the main issue of data collection?
13. The R2 in a multiple linear regression represents?
14. What is the principle of Yokoten?
15. What will a PFMEA bring you to choose our production process?
16. What is the most important responsibility of the Champion ?
17. I wish to represent the distribution of the measurements of diameters that we obtain on our cylinder heads. What kind of graph will I use?
18. Among these proposals, indicate which ones must be reached at the end of the measure step?
19. What is the element that characterizes the conduct of change ?
20. What does TQM mean?

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