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Civility (Mr. or Ms.)

Which graph makes it best to visualize a correlation?

2. What is the point calculation of the EWMA card based on?
3. What is the interest of the EWMA card compared to Shewhart's traditional cards?
In a Box Plot chart, what is the vertical line?
5. In The Whole Brain Model, which tool will be most appropriate to communicate with someone with an Expert / Analyst profile?
6. When analyzing the Factor Tree Analysis, for a factor, I have the following table. What should I conclude?

7. To justify a change approach, among these propositions, which are the types of arguments adapted?
8. Put in order the 4 steps of the formation of a team ?

  A. Dissatisfaction
  B. Orientation
  C. Performance
  D. Standardization
9. In what type of business organization is it even more important to obtain the commitment of management?
10. I have the next NP chart. What can I say ?

11. In which context to use the Wilcoxon test?
12. Who is the father of the control cards?
13. What is the end goal of the analysis phase ?
14. What is the investment budget for?
15. What is the Kolmogorov Smirnov test for?
16. The Pareto Principle is not true in my case. How will I prioritize my actions?
17. Concretely, what does "6 Sigma" mean ?
18. An aluminum product manufacturer controls 100 units per day with a destructive test that determines whether the parts being tested are able to withstand some pressure. Sixty days of sampling provide 6,000 pieces tested. Four of the 6,000 pieces do not meet specifications. This corresponds to a defective number of parts per million (ppm) of?
19. What is the loss function used for?
20. In relation to motivation, what does involvement bring?

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