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Civility (Mr. or Ms.)
1. What is the concept of "critical mass"?
2. I would like to study the correlation between the variable "Sex" (Male or Female), physical (Beautiful, Not good) and the salary level. How should I do it ?
3. What is a Cause / Effect matrix for ?
4. Which of these proposals are DFX tools?
5. Par rapport au PERT, quel est l’intérêt du GANTT  ?
6. What hypothesis test to use to study the variance of more than 2 samples?
7. What is RED X?
8. Concretely, what does "6 Sigma" mean ?

Which graph makes it best to visualize a correlation?

10. The hypothesis test of the analysis of variance (Anova) allows to test what ?
11. In the RACI matrix, what is the R's mission, the Responsible?
12. Put in order the 4 phases of learning according to Kolb's model?

  A - Abstract conceptualization
  B - Reflective observation
  C - Active experimentation
  D - Concrete experience
13. Which of these indicators increase when process performance increases ?
14. What is the purpose of the component search tool of the Shainin method?
15. We wish to study our wine bottle corking process, By samples, we retain only 2 opportunities of defect (cork not sufficiently depressed and plug damaged). Out of 10,000 samples, we find 2 samples with defects. What is the Sigma level of our corking process?

What is fundamental in a project ?

17. At the output of the cause / effect matrix?
18. Put in order the 5 steps of the KublerRoss model?
A - Disclaimer
B - Acceptance
C - Depression
D - Anger
E - Hagging
19. To evaluate the significance of a factor in a fractional or complete factorial design scheme, one must use?
20. In which case to use a multiple regression?

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