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Welcome to the test of general knowledge of Operational Excellence methods.
You have 10 minutes to answer 20 random questions.
Be careful, you can only perform this test once.


Civility (Mr. or Ms.)
1. In Japan, before the final decision, a project goes around the company. Called Nemawashi, where does this term come from?
2. What phenomenon have we used for the first time the principles of statistics?
3. What did Elton MAYO put forward in the Hawthorne experiments?
4. Based on what observation did Mike Harry lay the foundation for the 6 Sigma methods?
5. What term does Toyota use to describe being "involved" in its work?
6. What did Student work on when he created his distribution law?
7. In Asian culture, the learning process is very important. How is this one called ?
8. What do you mean by the term "Norma" at the origin of the term Normal ?
9. What are Kamishibai?
10. What is the first object using the principles of Karakuri ?
11. By what example / expression, Taiichi OHNO explained the principle of man-machine separation?
12. What "legend" does one use to define agility?
13. When are the first signs of interest for ergonomics?
14. What Japanese term means having detailed and factual documentation?
15. What does the term Mizusumashi literally mean?
16. What is the philosophy behind Taguchi?
17. According to legend, why did Toyoda get into car manufacturing ?
18. Who is the father of 5S?
19. What is special about a statistician who is nicknamed a "Texas-sharpshooter"?
20. What was the first use of the principles of Genkakikaku?

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