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Welcome to the test of general knowledge of Operational Excellence methods.
You have 10 minutes to answer 20 random questions.
Be careful, you can only perform this test once.


Civility (Mr. or Ms.)
1. What is the name of the group of 17 basic movements used in many ergonomics tools (RULA ...) or working time studies (MTM ...)?
2. What year did Toyota set up the first suggestion system?
3. Who is the father of 5S?
4. Key point of Japanese culture, what does a "Kikubari" attitude mean?
5. What does the term Mizusumashi literally mean?
6. We know that communication is a key axis to avoid problems. The Japanese have this notion culturally. What's her name ?
7. What is the philosophy behind Taguchi?
8. What do you mean by the term "Norma" at the origin of the term Normal ?
9. Essential term in Japanese culture, what does the term Narugakae mean?
10. What did Elisabeth Kubler-Ross study to develop her model of change?
11. Which century do you find tangible traces of Lean ?
12. For Francis Galton, why did he give the name "regression curve"?
13. What do Barack OBAMA and Mark ZUCKERBERG have in common?
14. Who was the first to say that the Benchmark is a key element to become Dantotzu?
15. Existing for centuries, the term paradigm has taken on the meaning of "Standardized intellectual and social framework" since when?
16. What is Yaruzo Call ?
17. When are the first signs of interest for ergonomics?
18. Quételet to demonstrate the relevance of the Normal law in the years 1820. On what measure was it based?
19. Since which year, the oldest bulb of the world shines it ?
20. When does the WWWWWHHWdate?

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