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Welcome to the test of general knowledge of Operational Excellence methods.
You have 10 minutes to answer 20 random questions.
Be careful, you can only perform this test once.


Civility (Mr. or Ms.)
1. In which industry, was Toyota a precursor in 1975?
2. Since which year, the oldest bulb of the world shines it ?
3. What "legend" does one use to define agility?
4. What does the term "Katazuke" mean?
5. Based on what observation did Mike Harry lay the foundation for the 6 Sigma methods?
6. In Japan, before the final decision, a project goes around the company. Called Nemawashi, where does this term come from?
7. What does the myth of Sisyphus represent in Lean?
8. On which observation did Vilfredo PARETO base his principle of 80/20 in the 19th century ?
9. What term does Toyota use to describe being "involved" in its work?
10. In which profession is the WWWWHHW widely used?
11. In Asian culture, the learning process is very important. How is this one called ?
12. What did Student work on when he created his distribution law?
13. We know that communication is a key axis to avoid problems. The Japanese have this notion culturally. What's her name ?
14. According to legend, why did Toyoda get into car manufacturing ?
15. What is the first pillar that Sakichi Toyoda created in the early 20th century?
16. Who is the father of 5S?
17. Mathematically, what is the ideal size of a project group?
18. Under which name is more known William GOSSET?
19. What is the first name of the Toyota brand ?
20. Pourquoi le premier service d’Assurance Qualité au monde fut un échec ?

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