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Welcome to the test of general knowledge of Operational Excellence methods.
You have 10 minutes to answer 20 random questions.
Be careful, you can only perform this test once.


Civility (Mr. or Ms.)
1. What do you mean by the term "Norma" at the origin of the term Normal ?
2. What does the term "Katazuke" mean?
3. What are Kamishibai?
4. In what context, Toyota has become aware of the need to improve ?
5. What did Student work on when he created his distribution law?
6. What is the first name of the Toyota brand ?
7. According to legend, why did Toyoda get into car manufacturing ?
8. What "legend" does one use to define agility?
9. Where does the term "serendipity" come from?
10. What was the first use of the principles of Genkakikaku?
11. What did Elisabeth Kubler-Ross study to develop her model of change?
12. What does the term Mizusumashi literally mean?
13. What is special about a statistician who is nicknamed a "Texas-sharpshooter"?
14. What year did Toyota set up the first suggestion system?
15. In which profession is the WWWWHHW widely used?
16. What is the first object using the principles of Karakuri ?
17. The labor culture in Japan is Monozukuri. "Work conscientiously". What precisely does the term conscientious mean?
18. The term Quality was created by Cicero (1 century BC). At what term was it then opposed ?
19. When are the first signs of interest for ergonomics?
20. Who is the father of 5S?

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