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It is a method of predicting problems and planning preventive actions.


Also called Process decision Program Chart (PDPC), it is a method for predicting problems and planning preventive actions.

1-Define the objective

In the logical sequence of the first 7 tools of quality, the objective to be achieved will be either the same as the objective of the tree diagram, or one of these sub-actions.

2-Identify potential problems

For the subject defines, we will ask the following questions:

  1. What problems can arise in this step?
  2. What are the unwanted results that this step can achieve?
  3. What actions can be implemented to avoid the answers to these first 2 questions?


It should be noted that it is necessary to take the time, in a group, to deepen the steps that have received at least one answer to one of the first 2 questions.

3-Change the schedule

For each of the ” problem ” actions, we will modify the planning by integrating the actions that allow us to avoid problems.

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