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Located upstream of the Leveling box, this tool is used to smooth the controls on a larger unit of time.


The logistic box is a tool to translate the customer need into a Kanban. Located upstream of the Leveling box, this box transcribes in a visual way the production schedule on a longer vision than the leveling box.

The objective is to smooth orders (firm and forecast) per unit of time (day or week).


Logistic box Features

In the same way as for the levelling box, the Logistic box is a ” physical ” tool in which:

  • Each column corresponds to the unit of Time (day, Week…).
  • Each line corresponds to a product.
  • Logistics Staff Position the Kanban In the box corresponding to the day when the production launch is to be done.
  • On the date, logistics transfers the Kanban in the Leveling box According to the rules defined.
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