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The MiniMOST is suitable for very repetitive and precise movements.


The MiniMOST is a variation of the BasicMOST specifically developed for very repetitive operations performed more than 1500 times per working week.

It should be noted that for greater accuracy, the left and right hands are analyzed separately.

The sequences of the MiniMOST

To determine the times for short and repetitive cycles, the MiniMOST is based on two categories of movements, similar to the BasicMOST. The difference is based on the fact that instead of having a multiplier index of 10, here the index is 1. So, if at the end of the operation, we come to a movement of 20, so we have a duration of 20 TMU.

General movement

Here the sequence is identical to the BasicMOST. So we find a sequence ABG ABP a. values and definitions remain equal.

Controlled movement

In the same way, the sequence is here the same as for the BasicMOST, values and definitions as well. So we find a sequence of MXI.

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