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According to Dorian Shainin, Isoplot charts can be used to quantify the variation due to method and measuring system.


In the years 1940, Leonard Seder, classmate at MIT and friend of Shainin, developed the Multi-Vari graph, a graphical method of analyzing variance.

Component Search

The idea of this technique is to compare the results by departing and then going up the elements in a very specific order.

Paired comparison

It is a technique used when a product cannot be dismantled and therefore it is not possible to use the technique of product/process research.

Finding variables

The search for variables allows us to identify the factor causing the problem.

B vs C

This is the ultimate validation tool, which will allow us to check if the main cause is the main one or if the solution put in place is much better than the initial situation.


Precontrol is a tool whose stakes are identical to the Shewhart control cards.

Lot Plot

The Lot Plot is the graphical tool developed by D. Shainin allowing to accept or not a batch of production by sampling.

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