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The Toyota Way defines the culture that Toyota sets up within its teams.


The Toyota WAY is the source of the Lean system. Supported by 2 pillars,Continuous improvement and Respect for men, the Toyota WAY defines the vision of the company as well as the values it transmits to its customers, shareholders, employees…

Pillar 1 : Respect for men

developing people is the starting point for Monozukuri.” This phrase by Teruyuki Kittie, then director of purchasing for Toyota Global, demonstrates the importance of man in the Toyota system.

We respect people and we know that the success of our company depends on individual efforts and the quality of teamwork .”

This pillar is based on two fundamentals:

  • Teamwork: stimulating personal and professional progression, sharing opportunities for development and optimizing the performance of the individual and the team.
  • Respect: respect Others, strive to understand others, take responsibility for our actions and do everything we can to build mutual trust.

Pillar 2 : Continuous improvement

For the fundamental principle, one must take into account the fact that the improvement is infinite. More than results or objectives, Lean’s culture aims to establish a permanent dynamic of improvement.

we never content ourselves with the results we have achieved and we continually strive to improve our business by proposing our best ideas and dedicating all our efforts to it .”

This dynamic is based on 3 fundamentals:

  • Challenge: Development of a long-term vision to meet the challenges with courage and creativity.
  • Continuous Improvement: process of continuous improvement of operations consisting of always aiming for innovation and progress.
  • Genshi Genbutsu (現地現物): literally ” work at the source “, it is a practice of going back to the source of events in order to make the right decisions and achieve the goals as quickly as possible.
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