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This tool makes it easy to evaluate risky and dangerous postures for factory workstations, offices…


The Washington Ergonomics is a suite of tools developed by the Washington State agency in charge of occupational safety and health. These tools for analyzing a workstation help employees and employers to prevent risks.

Among them we find the 2 checklists, which we detail below. They are used to assess the risks and dangers of a workstation according to the following criteria:

  • Exposure time
  • Frequency of movement
  • The Posture
  • The necessary effort


The principle is quite simple. The tool offers a checklist with different criteria for evaluating ergonomic risks.

  • The first list ” Washington State Caution Zone Check-list ” offers risk criteria. The challenge is that each validated criterion requires a plan of action to reduce this risk.
  • The second list ” Washinghton State hazard zone check-list ” provides hazard criteria.
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